A person votes at a polling location in West Columbia, South Carolina, during the South Carolina Democratic Primary, on Feb. 3, 2024. South Carolina is the first official Democratic primary of 2024 and is seen as a key test of support for President Joe Biden among Black voters for his reelection battle with Donald Trump. 

WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement and cybersecurity officials are warning the nation’s state election administrators that they face serious threats ahead of November’s presidential election.

Secretaries of state and state election directors must be ready for potential cyberattacks, both familiar and uncomfortably new, according to the feds. And they must remain vigilant about possible threats to their personal safety.

Fake calls traced to A1 start up

Activists in Derry work at the polls on primary day to encourage Democrats to write in President Joe Biden’s name on their ballots. Fake phone calls discouraging voters from casting their ballots for Biden in New Hampshire’s primary have been traced to an AI start-up.